Hot Water Cylinders NZ 

We Install and Repair Hot Water Cylinders in NZ 

Some industries rely profoundly on hot water, which highlights the need for an efficient system. When there is a malfunction, it can lead to a lengthy downtime which translates to a loss for large organisations. For this reason, you should always involve a professional in the installation and repairs of hot water cylinders in NZ. Linc Electrical is a reputable electrical contractor that services residential and commercial clients in Palmerston North.

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Tips for Getting More Value Out of Hot Water Cylinders

  • Pick a date at the start of every month, preferably the first, to inspect the system for cracks or wear. Have a member of staff thoroughly inspect the cylinder from top to bottom. It takes a mere five minutes to identify cracks or signs of deterioration instead of dealing with a significant, costly repair or replacement. 

  • If you’re not using the cylinder for an extended period - more than three weeks - we advise you to turn off the system. Since the hot water cylinder continuously heats the contents, if you’re not using the water, it can lead to internal damage. Aside from saving you on your electricity expenses, you increase the longevity of the cylinder. 

  • Don’t wait until there is a problem to have a professional inspect the cylinder. An experienced electrician should conduct an annual service to save you money in the long run. Consequently, we can pinpoint potential issues before they develop into serious problems that require significant repairs or replacement.

Once a professional has installed your hot water cylinder, you can enjoy the benefits for several years. However, you must implement a proper process to take care of the cylinder and reduce the possibility of an unexpected failure.

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  • We understand that electrical emergencies don’t wait for a convenient time which is why we offer a 24-hour service. Regardless of the time of day, we can send our team to your location and provide a solution to your electrical issues. 

  • Providing a friendly service is the cornerstone of our business. As a family-run operation, we prefer to build relationships with our clients, which is why we exceed expectations with electrical projects of all sizes. 

  • We provide complete value for money since we’re qualified electricians who submit a free quotation to you with our competitive prices for your electrical requirements. For this reason, we guarantee our workmanship and ensure that you’re satisfied with the completion of a project.

What You Can Expect from Linc Electrical Regarding Heat Pumps in Palmerston North

We are a local electrical contracting company with a focus on the quality of our work. Our team is highly experienced and skilled to conduct every project correctly, the first time. 

Why Choose Linc Electrical

Apart from heat pumps and cylinders, we have experience dealing with typical electrical faults, appliance installation, repairs, wiring, lighting, CCTV, alarm, and security and more. We are the preferred contractor throughout Palmerston North and maintain that reputation by consistently delivering exceptional work. We’re capable of handling commercial, residential, and industrial projects.

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