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We Can Solve Your Industrial Electrical Problems

Businesses rely on a steady flow of electricity to be productive. Faulty industrial electrical systems don’t only affect your company's output but can result in something worse. You should never attempt repairs to electrical components in an industrial setting as a DIY project as it could have serious repercussions. For these reasons, you should seek the experience and knowledge of a reputable electrician such as Linc Electrical. 

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Problems That an Industrial Electrician in NZ Addresses 

  • If the circuit breakers on your premises trip regularly, you could have a serious problem on your hands. Circuit breakers along with fuses are essential components that protect the appliances in your operation from an overload or short circuit. While they can blow because of a faulty wiring system, a professional can identify and rectify the situation. 

  • There are few more distracting elements than flickering lights in a building. It will affect your employees’ ability to focus and could be a result of faulty wiring. If you’re lucky, the light bulb probably requires changing, but if that’s not the case, only a qualified industrial electrician can investigate. 

  • Faulty wiring systems and worn-out electrical machinery may result in unusual sounds and smells. If your staff notices strange smells or smoke emanating from the machines or power sockets, you require the services of an electrician who will diagnose the wiring system and sockets and offer the best possible solution.

In an industrial building, there is no room for error regarding its electrical components. Large chemical plants, rubber and plastic factories, and production facilities of various sizes and scopes rely on electricity for their daily work. Some electrical issues can lead to significant problems, resulting in schedule and budget overruns, equipment failure, damage, and accidents. When you hire an industrial electrician, you can expect them to handle these situations.

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  • We’re a small operation and focus on the quality of our work. When you call us, you can rely on our in-depth knowledge of electrical components to get you up and running. We guarantee our workmanship to ensure that you are delighted with our service. 

  • There are several electricians around, but we set ourselves apart by the competitive prices we offer. When you run a business, and you’re trying to keep your expenses as low as possible, you must save on costs at every opportunity. We’ll provide you with a free quotation to evaluate our services against your budget. 

  • In a business, time is of the essence, and we understand that philosophy. For this reason, we are available 24/7 for emergency electrical breakdowns to keep your downtime to a minimum.

What to Expect from Linc Electrical as an Industrial Electrician

We understand the need for companies to operate smoothly. Every electrical hurdle seriously affects productivity and poses a risk to the people in the building. Our team has the experience and knowledge to complete the job correctly the first time.

About Linc Electrical

We are a family operated team of electricians that can repair and maintain your business’s electrical equipment to the highest standard. As a result, you can be confident in your operation and continue your high levels of productivity. 


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